SARAIKELA - District at a Glance

Surrounded by lush green forests, hillocks, serpent like rivers and rivulets, Seraikela Town is situated on the bank of Kharkai River. The district has not only a rich cultural heritage but also has large deposits of minerals like Kyanite,Asbestos, quartz etc. and other valuable minerals. The district also includes the Adityapur Industrial Area which is one of the biggest industrial areas in Asia.

Dumka district ranks eleventh in terms of total population in the state and nineteenth in regard to decadal population growth rate (2001-11) among the twenty four districts. With a sex ratio of 977, it ranks seventh in the state. The district comprises of ten blocks, namely, Saraiyahat, Jarmundi, Ramgarh, Gopikandar, Kathikund, Shikaripara, Ranishwar, Dumka, Jama and Masalia. As per Census 2011, the district has 2688 villages and 5 towns distributed in four assembly constituencies. Census 2011 figures indicated that the percentage share of scheduled caste population to total population was 0.62 percent, while that of scheduled tribes was 43.22 percent. Based on the number of total rural households in Census 2011 and BPL Revision Survey of 2010-11, the percentage of BPL households in rural areas is 56.86 percent.


SL Designation Name of Candidate email Contact No.
1 Executive Engineer Mr. H. K. Mishra 9006610826
2 Environment & Water Quality Specialist Alok Kumar 9135530216
3 M&E and MIS Specialist Samir Kumar 9122551133
4 Finance Specialist Dilip Kumar Bhatt 9835762403