Jharkhand State Water and Sanitation Mission Society (JSWSMS) is constituted and set up as a registered society under Drinking Water and Sanitation Department, Government of Jharkhand. It is the apex body for overall policy guidance, co-ordination with district level DWSMs and other departments. It is also tasked with the oversight of all Rural Water and Sanitation Programmes and projects in the State.

Society Documents

Aim and objectives of JSWSMS

  • Provide policy guidance on the Rural Water and Sanitation Programs including framing of sector policy guidelines.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of physical and financial performance and management of the water supply and sanitation projects on a quarterly basis.
  • Sanction of Annual Plans
  • Facilitate convergence of water supply and sanitation activities
  • Coordinate with various Departments of the State Government and other partners in relevant activities
  • Policy and guidance on communication and capacity development programs for both water supply and sanitation