Village Water and Sanitation Committee

Village Water and Sanitation Committee is a village level committee constituted for addressing the issues related with water and sanitation in the village. It is a standing committee of Gram Panchayat  with 9 to 12 members where 50 % of its member are compulsorily women.

The committee is headed by Mukhiya as president while Up Mukhiya (Ward member is elected as Up Mukhiya) is the vice president. If there is women elected representative as Ward member/ member of Panchayat Samiti/ Zila parisad belonging to the village then she becomes vice president of the committee. If any of these are not women then Gram Sabha elects one woman as Vice President of the committee. Other Ward member/ member of Panchayat Samiti/ Zila parisad are members of the committee. Rest of the members are elected by the Gram Sabha. Jal Sahiya, who is a women from the village is the executive member cum treasurer of the committee.

Representatives from SHG/ Teacher nominated by Mukhiya/Anganwadi Sevikas/ Sahiya/ ANM are invited members in the VWSC.

VWSC is required to sit for meeting at least once per month for discussing the issues related with Water and Sanitation in the village and planning actions for resolving the issues. The meetings are held in common places like community hall, panchayat building, school, pipe water supply centre or any other common gathering place. The meetings are properly documented by Jal Sahiya with meeting minutes and attendance register. However, meetings are organized atleast once per month but in special conditions by request of 1/3rd members the meetings can be called. The coroum of meeting is 1/3 of the total members in which its 1/3rd should be necessarily women. In case Junior Engineer, DWSD requests President of VWSC to arrange meeting of VWSC then within 1month it is necessary to call the meeting of VWSC. Every member is informed about the forth coming meeting with information about agenda, meeting date and meeting time 5 days beforehand.

Every VWSC has a bank account opened in nearest nationalized bank with the signature of President, Vice President and Jal Sahiya and is operated by any of the 2 signatories. The income and expenditure of the VWSC is maintained in different cash books and is maintained by Jal Sahiya.  The meeting minute is prepared by every member with rotation. However the action upon decision taken is responsibility of the whole committee but the main responsibility of its compliance is on President and Jal Sahiya.

1% of the money transferred in VWSC account can be utilized in office expense of the VWSC where department has clear cut indicated the list of items included for expenditure.

Roles and responsibilities of VWSC:

  1. Responsible for operation and maintenance of water supply and sanitation facilities in the village
  2. Collect the capex related with water supply and sanitation facilities and deposit it in VWSC Bank account
  3. Collect and deposit the Water charges from individual household connections into the VWSC Bank Account and handle the issues related with non payments
  4. To appoint and take services of valve man, pump operator, mason, etc. and bear its cost from the water charge collected.
  5.  To go for procurement of services from contractor for design and built of scheme and make payments as per the project guidelines and Govt. orders.
  6. To generate awareness about sanitation in the village and participate in the IEC activities.
  7. If applicable then co-ordinate for intra village and common facilities with the MVS-WSC.
  8. Co-ordinate with Gram Panchayat and different departments for different issues related with water and sanitation of the community
  9. To maintain different registers and books of account as per the project guidelines
  10. To make available different records and documents of VWSC for external audits
  11. To encourage every household in the village for personal hygiene, individual household latrines and SLWM.
  12. To make village open defecation free.
  13. To solve and attain the consumer complaints within 3 days of registering the complaints.