Drinking Water and Sanitation Department (DWSD)

Drinking Water and Sanitation Department (DWSD) is a technical and engineering- oriented set up which is overall responsible for the rural water and sanitation sector activities. DWSD is headed by Principal Secretary under whom an Engineer-in-Chief (E-in-C) is responsible for planning, implementing and O&M of all rural water assets created. The DWS Department is organized along regional lines with 2 regional CEs managing all districts in the state. For large projects involving greater design capabilities, the design aspects are handled by the office of CE (Central Design Organization). At district level in DWSD there are Executive Engineers in all the Districts, who report to Superintending Engineers at Divisions.

Under the RWSSP institutional arrangements DWSD is the state wide technical agency and it works as an implementer in all multi-habitation schemes (including small and large multi village schemes) and facilitator in the small schemes (SHS and SGS schemes that will be handled by GPs), environmental sanitation activities, technical capacity building and technical backstopping. DWSD's key roles are:

  • Preparation, planning, design and implementation of MVS
  • Technical support for planning and design of SGS and environment sanitation schemes
  • Technical appraisal and sanction of schemes based on the delegation of power
  • Provide monitoring support and technical guidance to DPMUs and District Support Agencies
  • Technical backstopping to GPs

Also, DWSD acts as a technical secretariat to SWSM. As the convenor cum Vice Chairman of the governing body of SWSM is Secretary DWSD, the coordination between SWSM and DWSD is expected to be continuous and smooth.

Within the DWSD, the Engineer-in-Chief (E-in-C) is overall responsible to ensure that the entire departmental machinery including all the district level field staffs are working closely with the PRI institutions including VWSC and GPs. DWSD provides necessary technical guidance to DPMUs, GPs and VWSCs and also provide assistance to monitor District Support Agencies (DSAs)/District Project Management Consultants (DPMCs).