DUMKA - District at a Glance

Dumka is one of the oldest districts of Jharkhand state under SanthalPargana. This homeland of tribal is full of stunning landscapes, majestic mountains, verdant valleys and serpentine rivers.Dumka District is at 86 16" North latitude and 87 15" East longitude. It is situated at the height of 472 ft from the sea level. It The District has an area of 3716.02 Sq.KM. and consists of only one sub division namely Dumka. Under Dumka sub division, there are 10 blocks namely Dumka, Gopikander, Jama, Jarmundi, Kathikund, Maslia, Ramgarh, Raneshwar, Shikaripara and Saraiyahat. Dumka has predominantly undulating terrain with hard rocks in the underground. Entire District has a topography with high ridges and valleys bounded by mountains and rivers. The fertility of soil is poor due to extensive erosion, acidic character and low retaining capacity.

Dumka district ranks eleventh in terms of total population in the state and nineteenth in regard to decadal population growth rate (2001-11) among the twenty four districts. With a sex ratio of 977, it ranks seventh in the state. The district comprises of ten blocks, namely, Saraiyahat, Jarmundi, Ramgarh, Gopikandar, Kathikund, Shikaripara, Ranishwar, Dumka, Jama and Masalia. As per Census 2011, the district has 2688 villages and 5 towns distributed in four assembly constituencies. Census 2011 figures indicated that the percentage share of scheduled caste population to total population was 0.62 percent, while that of scheduled tribes was 43.22 percent. Based on the number of total rural households in Census 2011 and BPL Revision Survey of 2010-11, the percentage of BPL households in rural areas is 56.86 percent.


SL Designation Name of Candidate email Contact No.
1 Executive Engineer Mr. Sadhu Saran eedwsd.dumka2@gmail.com 9431332255
2 Project Manager and HRD Mr. Shashi Bhushan Prasad dpmu.dumka@gmail.com 9431774067
3 M&E and MIS Specialist Mr. Nirmal Das dpmu.dumka@gmail.com 9955161750
4 Community and Communication Development Specialist Mukesh Kumar Jha mjha26@gmail.com 9199534281

List of Schemes

Pakage No./Ref.No. Scheme Name Estimated Cost (Rs.) Physical Status Progress
12151600001 Construction of Latapakar Pipe water supply scheme 3580000 Select... View More
12151600002 Construction of Taratikar Pipe water supply scheme 3321000 Select... View More
12151600003 Construction of Siltha-B pipe water supply scheme 4646000 Select... View More
12151600004 Construction of Rajasimaria pipe water supply scheme 3494000 Select... View More
12151600005 Construction of Burijhilwa pipe water supply scheme Hydt-50 percent,Pump House-15 percent 4206000 Select... View More
12151600006 Construction of Burijhilwa pipe water supply scheme 4206000 Select... View More
12151600007 Construction of Mujirabari pipe water supply scheme 4215000 Select... View More
12151600008 Construction of Karipahari pipe water supply scheme 2202000 Select... View More
12151600009 Construction of Gosaipahari pipe water supply scheme 2297000 Select... View More
12151600010 Construction of Sidhachater pipe water supply scheme 3814000 Select... View More