Welcome to Jharkhand State Water & Sanitation Mission

Government of India and the World Bank have decided to provide Technical Assistance of Rs. 6147 crores in the Rural Drinking Water & Sanitation sector to the four lagging States viz. Uttar Pradesh, Assam, Jharkhand and Bihar of the country. The State of Jharkhand has selected those districts with availability of sustainable water source, districts with large % of SC/ST population, districts with large number of water quality affected habitations, districts with less % of population covered by piped water supply, districts where % population coverage under sanitation is low.Out of the total amount of INR 6147 crores, INR 3073 crores will be received from the World Bank through the International Development Agency (IDA) as loan to the Government of India which will be given to the four States. INR 2032 crores will be given by the Government of India to the four States through the National Rural Drinking Water Programme. INR 995 crores will be provided by the States from their own resources and INR 47 crores will be contributed by the community towards capital cost sharing.

Project Districts

  1. Garhwa
  2. Palamu
  3. East Singhbhum
  4. Dumka
  5. Khunti
  6. Saraikela Kharsawan